It has been two years since the Tokyo Olympic Games were held.

Olympic games will be held in Tokyo from July 24, 2020 until August 9, 2020. In other words, it has been two years since.
The stadium to be the main venue seems to be progressing steadily.

New game types are increasing at the Tokyo Olympic Games.
Let me introduce some.

Baseball / Softball
Baseball is a very popular sport in Japan. In the summer, there is a competition where high school students decide the best in Japan at the baseball stadium located in Koshien, and an annual battle will be held.
Softball Japan is also one of the strong competitions.

Karate is one of Japanese martial arts and it is very popular. And it is one of the fighting sports widely popular in the world.

In addition, skateboards, bouldering and surfing were added.

I would like to introduce information about the Olympic Games if there are opportunities.

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